About Laurel

Hi –

I’m Laurel Cunningham, author of this blog. I am currently a college freshman at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. I grew up in the burgeoning city of Nashville, TN.

If you want to know more about the inspiration behind this blog, expected content, and my motivation for starting a blog – check out my first entry: Introduction.

If you want to know more about me, keep reading here.


I’m currently majoring in Global Studies and Chinese at UNC. I’m involved in several organizations on campus including the Campus Y and Hope Gardens.

I have one sister who is way cooler than I’ll ever be. I’m also very close with my family, most of which include cousins that are, also, way cooler than me. We like to have family game and movie nights together. They are what make me the happiest. College is fun and all but I definitely miss them!

I love to read, I often get lost in historical fiction novels for hours. My favorite movie of ALL TIME is Pride and Prejudice (the music score is quite beautiful), but otherwise I tend to pick out docudramas. I won’t even get started with music because I have THE most eclectic music taste (ambient French music, local Nashville rock, soothing beach music…). My playlists on spotify are absolute hodgepodges of music. I love adventure and being outside hiking and backpacking. For indoor recreation, I like HIIT workouts and pilates, but I have started to form a new love with kickboxing.

If I could spend the rest of my life doing anything, it would be traveling. My dream trips are backpacking through Patagonia and an exploration of temples and other historically significant places throughout the Middle East. But honestly, I’d travel just about anywhere in a heartbeat.  I want to see and experience so many different cultures and ways of life – I think  you’ll pick up on that in my blog posts.

If you have any other questions about me, you can comment below and I’ll respond!





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