Hi –

My name is Laurel Cunningham and I am currently a freshman at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. I grew up in Nashville, TN and attended Harpeth Hall, an all-girls school, from 6th grade on. I credit Harpeth Hall with my feminist, confident, and opinionated nature. It was at Harpeth Hall where I was encouraged to formulate my own opinions based on research and conversation. I intend to carry these characteristics with me as I write this blog.

My New Year’s Resolutions included:

  1. write more.
  2. drink more water.
  3. be happier (don’t sweat the petty stuff).
  4. learn how to write with a fountain pen.
  5. focus on gratitude.

So, I’m kicking off #1 with this blog. After listening to NPR, reading a New York Times article, or watching CNN I have a thousand thoughts running through my head. I tend to pull aside any family member or friend that will indulge me in a conversation about the issue currently plaguing me (refugees, presidential candidates, climate change, social justice…). In an attempt to spare my loved ones from my rambling explanations and excessive questions, I plan to put them here.

I want to treat this blog as my own op-ed column. I can’t promise everyone will agree with everything I say, but I’m using this as a space to flesh out my own thoughts to develop a concrete opinion. I don’t think there’s reason in arguing about something if you have not taken the time to think through the issue and create an opinion you truly believe in (and understand!). I expect this blog to host lots of personal commentary on recent global events, particularly pertaining to women, environmental change, and human rights. I do promise not to include any DIY crafts or fat-burning workout plans – it’s not that kind of blog :).

Thank you for your initial interest in what I have to say! Please comment at your will with your  responses, thoughts, or questions. I’m excited to see where this goes…

– Laurel


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